Feeding the World One Ravioli at a Time

Mama D ravioli best 2019 copyMy Aunt-in-law was Minneapolis St. Paul’s beloved Mama D. No matter how busy she was, when hungry college students, who could not afford a meal, came to her restaurant, she would feed them at no charge.

To honor her husband, she would open her restaurant on St. Joseph’s Day and serve free delicious homemade ravioli to everyone who came.

Feeding the world ravioli is such a friendly, caring, and peaceful way to be. She made a difference in a way I hope I can.

You don’t have to make the ravioli from scratch, although you could if that makes you feel more connected to the meal. For some of you, buying fresh ravioli from the grocers makes it easier and less stressful. Buy or make some pasta sauce. Choose a way with the sauce that makes your heart sing.

Invite people to come to your house. Feed them well. Serve the ravioli with a healthy side of peaceful conversation.Fried Ravioli1

Right now cooking and eating in this way is so easy. But, how long will we be able to grow the grain for peaceful pasta if we don’t take care of our planet.

Imagine a world without ravioli, without sauce as there are no more tomatoes. Or that these things have become so expensive few can afford them.

Please work with us all to stop the damage to our earth and regain the vibrant life that allows us to create ravioli and tomato sauce. Choose one aspect of a healthy planet and focus your efforts there – bees perhaps? Can’t grow any plant without bees.

Make Mama proud and plant a few flower seeds – for the bees and our planet. Nourish the seeds. Talk to the young plants. Ask the flowers to attractive bees.

May the pollen, grown by you, then serve to create more ravioli.


Janice the Spoon Mage™


Mama D ravioli best 2019 copy



6 thoughts on “Feeding the World One Ravioli at a Time

  1. It’s the natural order of things. The cycle of life. We need those bees. I’m glad you highlighted that in your post. Your Aunt-in-law was a special human being. I’m sure those students and guests never forgot her kindness. You are keeping her deeds alive and inspirational to others.
    I will never look at ravioli the same way again.

    It was delicious!!


  2. I know I left a comment on peace day when I was here….but the intrawebs ate it. Probably when they came by to eat this marvelous ravioli. Oh, you do slay me with your cookery. I love this story!


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