Supporters of Mindful Palate

Many thanks to these wonderful people – authors, chefs, and other organizations for their help and inspiration!

Rosemary Gretton, editor and author

For beautiful expression of personal thoughts and feelings in writing or music, visit her website – Lyricism.

Bill Fitts, author

Author of the Needed Killing Series and Speculative Fiction.

K.J. Russell, editor and author

Speculative Fiction author of novels, including The Ruin of the Fifth World series of books, shorts such as Absolute Tenacity, and Editor of anthologies such as Tides of Possibility.

Rabbit’s Custom Guitars

Mike, AKA Rabbit, creates beautiful handmade custom electric guitars.

Benny the Chef

I am not a conventional chef. I am not simply cooking: my dishes are not born only in the kitchen. My cooking is a part of me. My dishes are born from what I experience in life; they contain my emotions, my feelings, and my sensations. Through my dishes I can transmit my emotions to others.


Herbivoracious is your source for the best veggie recipes including many vegan and gluten-free recipes and easy vegetarian recipes for even the busiest families. Trying Meatless Mondays? You’ll find lots of dinner recipes to get you started.

BrokeAss Gourmet

BrokeAssGourmet is the premier food and lifestyle blog for folks who want to live the high life on the cheap.

Do As One

The mission of Do As one is to serve and connect humanity by establishing a legacy of healthy, conscious breathing.  They share techniques for daily, optimal breathing and enable global, synchronous breathing through

I Declare World Peace

I Declare World Peace call themselves “the world’s largest ever art / science project / experiment.”  The site calls on us to affirm “I Declare World Peace” and to post that affirmation on your social media of choice.

Sarah Blackhall

Sarah is a wonderful artist and graphic designer and the creator of our beloved Spoon Mage™.

Megan Ralph

Megan did the logo design and built the Mindful Palate web site.  She also likes to spend time in the great outdoors, take pictures and blog about her special spot in paradise, Dryad Ranch.

Calorie Count

Calorie Count is the most awesome healthful eating web site out there.  A free service, it offers powerful tools to assist in planning a mindful diet as well as sustain a supportive community of users.  Janice spent four wonderful years writing the Friday food blog for Calorie Count.

These Glass Walls

These Glass Walls is a space dedicated to raising the awareness of animal rights and welfare issues. The name of the site comes from a Paul McCartney quote “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.”

Avon Representative Genia Shipman

Genia is a good friend and fabulous hair care resource for both Janice and the Spoon Mage™. If you want to look as fabulous as we do, check out Genia’s products.

Etched in Thread (web site coming soon)

Edna Khalifeh, Embroidery and Sewing Wizard, designed and created the beautifully embroidered LImited Edition Spoon Mage™ aprons. All the best cooks will want to own one!

Meaningless Platter Dudes, the book

Carolyn Bishop’s new book is sitting on the table where the Spoon Mage™ enjoys her tea and biscuits. She heartily recommends this hilarious book to everyone on the planet with a sense of humor.