You have Psoriatic Arthritis, Mrs. Spoon Mage

There are knots in knitting and life.

On why I’ve been absent for a while:

The rheumatologists looked at the digital x-rays and pointed out why the erosion and joint damage we were looking at was from the autoimmune disease Psoriatic Arthritis and not just my osteoarthritis.

No wonder my hands hurt so much!

I peppered him with questions, including: Will PsA impact cookery? What about knitting? … (more on page 2)

Mindfulness Revisited: The Importance of Words

enjoy the peace

At the start of a new year, many folks think about going on a diet. The word is not often accompanied by feelings of joy.

When you think of eating a cookie as failing or “breaking” your diet, you might berate yourself … or “give in” and go for more forbidden bites which makes you feel as if you personally are a failure and just cannot succeed with a diet. You are not a failure. That sort of thinking is the result of what you have been trained to think when you see the word diet.

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