The Ceremony of Food

flowers-with-lightingA pleasing arrangement of flowers in the garden nourishes my love of artful design.

Listening to the Goldberg Variations satisfies my craving for beauty in music.

Try engaging all of your senses by actively connecting purpose, tactile sensation, appearance, aroma, and sound, with the deliciousness of a meal or snack.

There is fun and enjoyment in creating ceremony for food. A handful of nuts placed inside a whimsical china bowl transforms a small snack into a rather more important and filling treat. Wouldn’t it look even prettier with few bits of colorful and nutritious dried fruit?

Today I chose a minimalist black on black stoneware plate to serve as the backdrop for a perfect Fuji apple. It was enjoyable to slice and arrange the juicy slivers into a pretty spiral of off white, red, pink, and yellow. Not only was it gorgeous, but I do believe that apple had superior aroma and crispy crunch!

Pause and take a mindful breath. See if you are able to bring the fruit to life in your imagination. Could you picture it as well if you had just grabbed any old apple and mindlessly eaten the thing while playing on-line Sudoku? Likely not, as it is the art of paying attention to your senses that make apples so satisfying and memorable. Food remembered is more likely to be logged for successful weight loss.

It’s nice to stop and smell the roses… or the gerbera daisies. I think instead I’ll stop and see, smell, feel, listen to, and taste an orange – hmmmm, which of my bowls would look best with an orange?



One Simple Question

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

Rigid diets do not agree with me – I tend to get rather obstinate at times and do not like being told what I have to do. So, I will tweak my way to a weight that is sustainable and healthy for me by using questions instead of silly rules.

Currently, I am tweaking liquids. It is astonishingly easy to pour a nice tall glass of unnecessary calories.

Our family loves to eat well and one thing I recently noticed is that more of our meals included a glass or two of wine – not a bad thing unless wine happens without pausing, breathing, and asking the right question. Read More

On the Importance of Words

Adrienne Walking Away

Take a walk in nature, listen to the animals, feel the breeze, and inhabit the peace.

What does the word “diet” mean to you?

Do you associate it with exacting control over meals and snacks in order to reduce weight? Perhaps the word brings up depressing visions of resigned yet temporary self-control. Some folks deliberately step away from the pleasure of eating by declaring that food is really “intake”, to be counted, weighed, measured, and joylessly categorized.

Unfortunately, feelings of deprivation thrive in the idea that you must eliminate or fight foods that are “bad” because they prevent you from losing weight. The problem here is that power is ceded to the food, as if cakes and potato chips actively stop you from being the best you can be by reeling a powerless you in with one sultry come hither glance. Read More

Introduction to Mindful Weight Loss with the Spoon Mage

me and adrienne cropped

The Spoon Mage and Daughter of Spoon Mage

And so somewhere along the line, I found that I have put on weight that was previously lost in a most mindful way. It happens.

Anyone want to stroll down a pathway to health with me? You may need to lose weight or you might just want to prevent weight gain. Either way – please come along.

We’ll be taking a meandering trail. No stringent dieting please. No denying yourself favorite foods. You don’t have to follow any one way of eating, but you can if it suits you. Read More