One Simple Question

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Wikimedia Commons

Rigid diets do not agree with me – I tend to get rather obstinate at times and do not like being told what I have to do. So, I will tweak my way to a weight that is sustainable and healthy for me by using questions instead of silly rules.

Currently, I am tweaking liquids. It is astonishingly easy to pour a nice tall glass of unnecessary calories.

Our family loves to eat well and one thing I recently noticed is that more of our meals included a glass or two of wine – not a bad thing unless wine happens without pausing, breathing, and asking the right question.

Did you know that, depending upon the wine and the size of your glass, there are anywhere from 80 to 120 calories in a traditionally sized glass of red wine?

If you have one large glass of wine at every dinner meal, you consume an extra 840 calories each week. Oh my goodness!

So, instead of mindlessly thinking “What wine will be right for dinner?” I now think – “Is this a wine dinner?”

Tweaking that one question has me down an entire pound without feeling that I had to work hard or deny myself to do it.

The same question will work if you often have a soda or sugared tea with a meal. Not all meals require sugar to be in attendance.

Pose the liquid calorie question to yourself at just one meal or snack each day for a few weeks. Let me know what you tweaked and if it makes healthier eating a little easier for you too.

Good questions for good health,


PS – the calories were gleaned from the wonderful folks at If you are into counting calories, they make the whole process very easy.

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