Alternate and Wait

RapidsI do not worry about things I cannot control, and I focus on my own inner peacefulness. – Glenn Reiner, yoga teacher

I read an article at the other day on how you can lose weight easily through one trick – stop drinking alcohol. Each glass of wine or beer holds a great lot of calories. Reducing by a few glasses a week may well be all you need.

If you have an alcohol dependency, quitting completely is the best way to go for your health and life. If you find you cannot quit on your own, please see your doctor.

For those that drink responsibly and do not have symptoms of dependency, there are ways to reduce the urge to pour one more.

These two techniques help you apply a little mindfulness to how you drink when you are at a party where a glass in hand is normal, or at home where you might have a few glasses of wine.  Read More