Mushrooms in Your Kitchen

mushrooms wokBuying Mushrooms

When selecting mushrooms individually, choose firm mushrooms that do not have soft spots, are not wet, and are not bruised. Avoid buying unwrapped mushrooms if the grocer positions them openly on low shelves in just the right place for little children germs to be deposited. Is there a clean metal grabber to use instead of your hands when you pick up the mushroom? If not, that means hands have been all over those mushrooms. If that does not make you squeamish, then enjoy. If this bothers you Read More

Beans, Beans, Beans!

512px-Dries_red_beans_ready_for_useIf you have the time, inexpensive dried beans are the best, as some nutrition is lost in the canning process. Below, we’ll talk about how to soak and cook dried beans.

Canned beans are still very good for you though, so don’t feel badly about using them. Just take a few moments to┬áprep them properly. Read More