Knit to Knot

washcloth-close-upI love phrases and find them so evocative of imagery and activity.

“Knit to Knot”, words I used in a social media discussion, sparked an interesting idea for further reducing my post dinner calories.

It’s easy to merrily eat and drink while reading a book or doing an extreme Sudoku. It’s even easier to inhale calories while on social media or watching TV.

But one cannot knit while simultaneously creating a crumbly edible mess. Read More

Knitting and Purling a Few Friends

Kidsilk Haze Green

Kidsilk Haze Green

One day my knitting instructor turned me lose on the world to knit and purl unsupervised. I am a knitter! Soon I realized that knitting all by myself was just not happening.

Sometimes both the practice yarn and my newly begun scarf would sit untouched for a week – or even longer if I had made a mistake and was too embarrassed to go back to the store, yet again asking for help.

After decoding my latest diversion from the pattern, a good friend smiled and told me that fixing knitting is just puzzling out where the yarn was supposed to go. It certainly was a puzzle for me. Read More

Knitting Mindfully

Yarn Bowl

The Daughter’s scarf and a pretty maple yarn cozy.

At the age of 60 I decided to learn to knit – a fun creative hobby wherein I can make fuzzy fabric designs for myself and others.

Excited with my new hobby plans, I took a couple of private lessons and learned that this firmly left handed person can, with a few style modifications, knit right handed from regular patterns.

Well, sort of.  Read More