Greek Salad, by Rosemary Gretton

Greek Salad new WMJoin writer and editor Rosemary Gretton as she prepares a beautiful salad

The best Greek salad I’ve ever had was when I landed in Agia Galini, a tiny fishing village on the south coast of Crete. Of course, there, it was called horiatiki, which translated means “village,” “rustic” or “country.” And it was pretty simple: chopped tomatoes, green pepper, onions, cucumber, feta, olives. Olive oil and vinegar in plain bottles on the table. Always served with freshly baked bread in a basket. I was 17 and on a European backpacking adventure with a friend, and it was heaven. Read More

Safely Storing Olives

olives deli

Are These Olives Still Good?

If you are not sure how old that jar of olives is, take a moment to check a few things before mindlessly consuming them.

Look for signs of mold, changing texture, or if the liquid has discolored – toss them in the trash if anything does not look right. Read More