Grilled Fresh Corn on the Cob

Grilled Corn shuckedGrilled corn on the cob is a favorite of ours.

We don’t use the fancy garlic butter spreads that are so popular.

Simple works the best for good sweet corn… assuming you find excellent fresh corn or just went down to the farm to pick a few!


Corn, still in the husks


Trim the tassel with scissors and peel the outer leaves only.

Do not remove the entire husk.

Rinse well.

Soak the entire cob immersed in a large container of well salted water (a couple tablespoons of salt) anywhere from 8 hours to overnight… ok, 4 hours will do in a pinch.

Remove corn from the container and shake off excess water.

Over medium coals, grill the corn still in the husks – the husks and cob soaked up the salty water which steams the corn. The heat from the coals caramelizes bits here and there for a perfect corn experience.

Grilling takes about 20-30 minutes. Turn frequently.

Watch closely so the kernels do not burn, as that is the only way to ruin the corn.

When grilled this way there is no need for butter, promise.

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