Printing Mindfully


image by David Vignoni and Wikimedia Commons

I have changed a feature of the website that I think will appeal to everyone!

Previously, when you wanted to print a recipe, the entire webpage printed. This is most annoying when all you want is a recipe and maybe a pic of the dish.

You will love the new Print and PDF button that will take care of the problem of wasting printer ink and paper on elements you do not want.

When you click on the new print button at the bottom of each post, a view of the post will be generated. You may print the entire thing or choose to eliminate the parts you don’t want – such as the image or the full directions. Simply hover and click delete to get just what you want. If you accidentally delete something you want, go back to he post and generate a new print document.

This page includes a nifty little drag and drop printer box you can add to the top of your browser. I just love it!




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