Prepping Baby Bok Choy

bok choy WM 350Bok choy is a type of Chinese cabbage with dark leaves attached to a base that looks rather like celery.

It comes in a number of varieties. Baby bok choy is a variety that I particularly love, one that is available at many grocery stores. To see all the wonderful varieties of bok choy, take a tour of an Asian grocery store. Ask questions if you are unsure of flavors and use.

Bok choy is delicious, easy to cook, wonderful in stir fries or sautés, low in calories, and very good for you.

To prepare bok choy, first slice off the tough end at the base of the plant. Read More

Mushrooms in Your Kitchen

mushrooms wokBuying Mushrooms

When selecting mushrooms individually, choose firm mushrooms that do not have soft spots, are not wet, and are not bruised. Avoid buying unwrapped mushrooms if the grocer positions them openly on low shelves in just the right place for little children germs to be deposited. Is there a clean metal grabber to use instead of your hands when you pick up the mushroom? If not, that means hands have been all over those mushrooms. If that does not make you squeamish, then enjoy. If this bothers you Read More

Leeks in the Kitchen!

1024px-Au_marché_-_poireaux,_céleriMindfully delicious leeks are nutritious low calorie power houses that belong in the onion and garlic family of plants. Add them to any dish that would benefit from a mild oniony flavor. They work a special magic in soups and stews.

Leeks usually come bundled with twist ties or rubber bands. The bundles usually contain either two large bulbs or 3-4 smaller bulbs. It does not matter whether your leeks or large or small, they will taste the same.

What does matter is whether there is a lot of white and light green from the base of the bulb upward, because that is the part you eat! Look for leeks that have a lengthy edible area.

Don’t throw away the dark green leaves though, they are perfect for simmering a delicious stock and are a welcome addition to the compost bin. Read More