Mindfully Fibrous

BerriesBowl“You need more fiber.” Many of us have heard those words from our doctors.

The sentence is often combined with the suggestion to buy jars of just add water drinkable fiber or sugar free chewable fiber pills. Adding fiber is just that easy!

When my husband heard the “more fiber” words, I unfortunately, responded by doing a fairly mindless thing. I purchased a jar of… well let’s take a moment to read the label that I should have read before heading to the checkout counter: Read More

Is it a Chile or a Chili?

The Spoon Mage™ Explains the Difference Between Chile and Chili!

Chile Tree WM 500Chiles are peppers that grow on capsicum plants.

Chile flavors range from mild to very hot. Ancho and guajillo are two mild chiles. Chipotle and hot New Mexican are two very spicy chiles. Some chiles, like my favorite the Hatch Chile Pepper, come in both hot and mild! Tasty chiles can be used fresh or dried and ground. Use the Scoville Scale to help you select the right pepper for you. The higher the unit, the hotter the pepper! There are plenty of mild peppers to choose from, just look lower on the scale. Explore the varieties of peppers. They are not just about hot and mild. Each one brings its own special flavor to your mindful palate. Read More

Mindfulness and the Horned Melon

Horned Melon

The Horned Melon

We are in the process of shifting the Spoon Mage™ and her thoughts on food, peace, mindfulness with a few great recipes to this site. Until that is complete, please visit Mindful Palate the Dot Com.

For more on the delightful horned melon, read on…..

I simply could not resist picking up this odd looking little fruit… or was it a vegetable?… that sat nestled in amongst a variety of tropical produce at the grocers. The label identified it as a Horned Melon. Read More