Mindfulness and the Horned Melon

Horned Melon

The Horned Melon

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For more on the delightful horned melon, read on…..

I simply could not resist picking up this odd looking little fruit… or was it a vegetable?… that sat nestled in amongst a variety of tropical produce at the grocers. The label identified it as a Horned Melon.

It was such a pretty color. What does it taste like? Why did it need the protection of such sharp nobby little spines? How on earth do you select a ripe one? Do you eat the spines? All very mindful questions in need of answers.

Into the shopping basket it went. This was a job for my most adventurous taste testers.

I extracted promises that all would taste whatever we found within. It was sold in the produce section and thus, must be edible… right?

Horned Melon Close Up

The Innerds of a Horned Melon

This is what we found when I sliced it in half.

How on earth were we to eat that? It was filled with a sort of green jelly and seeds. Very little aroma. Just green seedy goop.

My tasters were suddenly not quite so anxious to participate in the widening of our culinary repertoire.

To allay fears, I did a little googling. A ripe melon looks just like the one I bought – a beautiful orange, and as is the way with fruits, heavy for its size.  Both the seeds and jelly are eaten with a spoon.  Apparently some folk spit out the seeds, but after verifying that they are edible, I did not mention the spittoon option. The fruit is an African native where it is known as a kiwano. No web site seems to address why it needs those amazingly prickly spines, but I am sure there is a good reason and will just accept that as fact. Most folk do not eat the skin, so we did not have to worry about crunching the spines.

Horned Melon Spoonful

A Spoonful of Horned Melon

Still the crew hung back. Ok, I’ll go first. Spoon in hand, I scooped. What an interesting and refreshing taste! Rather like a cross between a still slightly green banana and the seedy part of a cool cucumber!

I managed to convince everyone else to try it by going back for seconds and thirds.

The Mindful Crew agreed with my assessment of the very mild flavors. None were quite so enamored of the ugly little fruit as I, but that was ok. That meant there was more for me.


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