The Ceremony of Food

flowers-with-lightingPausing to admire the flowers in the garden nourishes my love of art in nature.

Taking a little time to listen to the Goldberg Variations satisfies my craving for beauty in music.

Is joy a part of cooking and eating? Do you hurry through the thing, just to get it done so you can go out and mow the lawn?

Slow down a little and try engaging all of your senses by actively connecting purpose, tactile sensation, appearance, aroma, and sound, with the deliciousness of a meal or snack.

There is fun and enjoyment in devising a ceremony for food. A handful of nuts placed inside a whimsical china bowl transforms a small snack into a rather more important and filling treat. Wouldn’t it look even prettier with few bits of colorful and nutritious dried fruit?

Today I chose a minimalist black on black stoneware plate to serve as the backdrop for a perfect Fuji apple. It was fun to slice and arrange the juicy slivers into a pretty spiral of off white, red, pink, and yellow. Not only was it gorgeous, but I do believe that, because I paid close attention, the apple had superior aroma and a crispier crunch!

Pause and take a mindful breath. See if you are able to bring the fruit to life in your imagination. Would the picture be as vivid if you had just grabbed any old apple and mindlessly eaten the thing while playing on-line Sudoku? Likely not, as it is the art of paying attention to your senses that make apples so satisfying and memorable. Food remembered is more likely to be logged for successful weight loss.

It’s nice to stop and smell the roses… or the gerbera daisies. I think I’ll also stop and see, smell, feel, listen to, and taste an orange – hmmmm, which of my bowls would look best with an orange?



Knit to Knot

washcloth-close-upI love phrases and find them so evocative of imagery and activity.

“Knit to Knot”, words I used in a social media discussion, sparked an interesting idea for further reducing my post dinner calories.

It’s easy to merrily eat and drink while reading a book or doing an extreme Sudoku. It’s even easier to inhale calories while on social media or watching TV.

But one cannot knit while simultaneously creating a crumbly edible mess. Read More

The Solitary Muse


One of the wonderful people joining me on this adventure called Mindful Palate asked me to write about loneliness. I am not a psychologist or even a yogi, but I here’s what I think.

Loneliness is a feeling that one is isolated mentally from others. Directed angrily inward, feelings of loneliness hammer you with critiques about your capabilities and likability, twisting memories and pushing a fragmented view of the future with its insistence that you are not good enough. This emotion run amok drives a wedge between you and your ability to be content.

Loneliness has nothing to do with being by yourself because people are not hanging around with you. It’s all about how you hang around with yourself.

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Mindful Cooking Saves Lives


my Great Niece Annabelle

My favorite and rather frightening story about mindless cookery involves me and a cup of tea. I filled the tea kettle with water, placed the old fashioned kettle on the stove, and turned the burner to high. Then I added a couple pinches of Monkey Picked Oolong to the strainer in my favorite mug and left the room for just a minute to check email. Ok, I guess it was more than just a minute later when I wondered “what on earth is that smell? And why do things sound so funky?”

The smell was my smoking tea kettle melting most dramatically onto the burner of my stove. The funky sound came courtesy of my noise cancelling hearing aids – which cancel out annoying things like the screeching of smoke detectors. An extended bit of mindlessness while I attended to mostly junk mail nearly led to disaster. Yes, mindful cooking does save lives. Read More

Mindfulness and the Horned Melon

Horned Melon

The Horned Melon

We are in the process of shifting the Spoon Mage™ and her thoughts on food, peace, mindfulness with a few great recipes to this site. Until that is complete, please visit Mindful Palate the Dot Com.

For more on the delightful horned melon, read on…..

I simply could not resist picking up this odd looking little fruit… or was it a vegetable?… that sat nestled in amongst a variety of tropical produce at the grocers. The label identified it as a Horned Melon. Read More