Choosing Mindfully

EatVeggiesWM copyI am more patient with myself and others, letting go of harsh expectations. – Glenn Reiner, yoga teacher

Be patient with yourself while strolling along on your mindfulness journey. Understand that it is ok that the path is not straight and narrow.

It will bend, twist, double back, and contain a few roots to trip over. Along the way you will discover many side branches, all awaiting exploration. Read More

Slowing Down with Three Breaths

Bird On a Wire WM 500Do you spend the day rushing about multi-tasking? Sometimes things just fall together in spite of the lack of attention. Other times, things don’t work out so well.

Cooking requires full-on focus or you may find yourself on a mad dash out the door for a forgotten ingredient or, worse still, angrily trashing a burnt meal.

This simple technique for staying present and on track requires no yogic training or fancy meditation courses. You don’t even need special equipment.

As long as you are able to breathe, you have just what you need to slow a frenzied brain.

Cook up a little mindful attention with the following recipe. Read More