Choosing Mindfully

EatVeggiesWM copyI am more patient with myself and others, letting go of harsh expectations. – Glenn Reiner, yoga teacher

Be patient with yourself while strolling along on your mindfulness journey. Understand that it is ok that the path is not straight and narrow.

It will bend, twist, double back, and contain a few roots to trip over. Along the way you will discover many side branches, all awaiting exploration.

As you discover each option that is available to you right now, consider that small mindful choices act as pebbles dropped into still water. Each ripple births another and yet does not disrupt the calmness of the moment.

Today, when you head to the kitchen to select your snack or meal, pause briefly, breathe, and mindfully choose what you will eat.

Let go of any expectations of perfection. Just consider what is available now and choose.

Toss a well considered pebble into the culinary water and let the ripples grow. You are not powerless when you choose with intention.

Peace and do eat your vegetables,

Janice aka The Spoon Mage™

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