Feeding the World One Ravioli at a Time

Mama D ravioli best 2019 copyMy Aunt-in-law was Minneapolis St. Paul’s beloved Mama D. No matter how busy she was, when hungry college students, who could not afford a meal, came to her restaurant, she would feed them at no charge.

To honor her husband, she would open her restaurant on St. Joseph’s Day and serve free delicious homemade ravioli to everyone who came.

Feeding the world ravioli is such a friendly, caring, and peaceful way to be. She made a difference in a way I hope I can.

You don’t have to make the ravioli from scratch, although you could if that makes you feel more connected to the meal. For some of you, buying fresh ravioli from the grocers makes it easier and less stressful. Buy or make some pasta sauce. Choose a way with the sauce that makes your heart sing. Read More