BlogBlast4Peace every November 4th

BlogBlast template-9

World peace may seem too impossible to imagine. But what if more of us imagined peace?

What if the world got together and not only imagined it, but created imagery and blogs all focused on simmering up a world full of peace?

What if the number of Peace Bloggers grew with each year as a result of the hard work of Blog Blast 4 Peace’s founder, Mimi Lenox?

Is it possible to grow peace? With enough voices, yes we can.

Help Mimi’s idea blanket the planet in peace by joining us each November 4th. Find out about how it all works at the Official Website of Blog4Peace.

Read about the first Peace Globe. Find out how to make your own from a template or from your own creative energy.

It’s fun and it is so peaceful.


Janice, aka The Spoon Mage™

For more Peaceful Musings, click here.


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