Creating Peace When You Don’t Feel Like It

8930_Falls Creek Pause WMToday I just don’t feel peaceful.  Breathing feels so difficult – and I sure do not want to focus on any of it.

My first calming breath began ok. Then, irritation bubbled up, poking sharply at my precariously centered mind until it threatened to topple over.

In times like this, I use a breath that I learned from one of the many great books written by Dr. Andrew Weil. He calls his exercise the 4-7-8 breath (exercise number two on this page).

This breathing exercise is not just a “let things be” breath. It’s a regain control of a distinctly non-peaceful mind breath.  It’s simple – and it works. Read More

The Aroma of Peace

ChangeWorldPeaceGlobeToday is BlogBlast4Peace.

Every November 4th, bloggers everywhere send out peace globes such as this one while blogging their thoughts on peace.

Words can be so very healing. I think food and aromas heal in a deeper way as they are capable of triggering intense primal emotions and memories. Read More

BlogBlast4Peace every November 4th

BlogBlast template-9

World peace may seem too impossible to imagine. But what if more of us imagined peace?

What if the world got together and not only imagined it, but created imagery and blogs all focused on simmering up a world full of peace?

What if the number of Peace Bloggers grew with each year as a result of the hard work of Blog Blast 4 Peace’s founder, Mimi Lenox?

Is it possible to grow peace? With enough voices, yes we can.

Read More

Peace and Pappardelle

from Wikimedia Commons

from Wikimedia Commons

Any day that promotes peace should include a peaceful offering at the table. On this most excellent day, when bloggers world wide are writing BlogBlasts for Peace, it struck me that if the entire world could sit down together and enjoy a purposefully mindful and peaceful meal, world peace could be achieved in one evening. Mindful and peacefully prepared, served, and consumed food is a balm for mind and soul, so today, I will prepare Peace and Pappardelle.

Please join me and serve a peace-filled meal tonight. Read More

Peace in Greece Pasta

greekPastaThis peace filled recipe is dedicated to a fellow Peace Blogger that passed away today (January 29, 2012): Sarge Charlie was a retired Army man that understood the importance of peace. He will be greatly missed.

We had pasta in the pantry. But, we have also had a lot of Italian meals of late. I skimmed my cookery books, searched the internet, and went through my somewhat but not quite orderly files, and not a one said “You must make me just like this.” However a bunch of recipes said, “Oh look! Why don’t you use this or that from this idea?” Others said “well, I’d be much better if you only added these things and took out that thing.”

The recipes were starting to cause quite a ruckus and I was not about to allow the violence to escalate. So, I decided it was time, once more, to Declare World Peace with Pasta. Read More