The Aroma of Peace

ChangeWorldPeaceGlobeToday is BlogBlast4Peace.

Every November 4th, bloggers everywhere send out peace globes such as this one while blogging their thoughts on peace.

Words can be so very healing. I think food and aromas heal in a deeper way as they are capable of triggering intense primal emotions and memories.

We all have foods we think of as comfort foods – foods that feed more than just our bellies and fill us with more than just a list of nutrition facts.

Aromas also trigger emotional memories. The best aromas churn up memories of quiet, peaceful, or beautiful times. Right now, my fingers hold the pungent aroma of fresh picked basil and parsley. With each sniff I am reminded of times in the garden – planting, watering, and selecting parts of my dinner from the plants that survive my often lackadaisical care.

I have the aroma of peace in the tips of my fingers.

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