Cucumber Watercress Sandwich


6 slices whole grain bread
1/2 cup softened or whipped low-fat cream cheese
1 T chives
1/2 English or one medium cucumber
1/2 cup watercress
White pepper
Optional: salt

Spoon Mage Notes:

To make this sandwich Vegan, sub in Silken Tofu for the cream cheese

You do not need to remove the nutritious peel off the cucumber, just make the slices as thin as possible.


Mix chives and cream cheese and spread on all six slices of bread.

Spread cucumber slices on three of the pieces of bread. Top with watercress. Top with the three remaining bread slices.

Slice on diagonal for 6 tea sized sandwiches.

Slicing off the crusts makes a pretty more British presentation, but is not at all necessary and does seem rather wasteful.

Serve mindfully with a side dish of fresh berries and a nice hot pot of tea.

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