2nd Place 2015 Contest Winner



Congratulations to Elaine Gagne and her 2nd place winning story about a very memorable kitchen disaster!

Enjoy Elaine Gagne’s 2nd place winning kitchen disaster story! For her submission, she won a gorgeously embroidered handy dandy Spoon Mage™ Tote Bag!

Elaine’s Story

“I just HAD to tell you this one. It’s actually a story about my Mom. She was using a pressure cooker for potatoes. She got so busy talking to me, that the top exploded off the pressure cooker, and the ceiling was spattered with potato pieces. Even though it looked like she was about to pop a gasket herself, I burst out laughing! I laughed SO hard, she started laughing – then told me to get up on the counter and clean the mess!”

Thanks to Elaine for that terrific story!

After chatting via email with Elaine, I found out a little more about her delightful Mom and would like to share an extract of her obituary with all my Mindful friends –

Elaine’s Updated Story

“Over the last 13 years, she had been best known as “Grandma Muggle” to the children of the Cranston School Systems, visiting classes and teaching social responsibility as well as adopting RI based Military Units to whom they wrote letters, and held book drives and made holiday tray favors for patients at the VA Hospital in Providence.

She created an award that was given to a male and female graduate of the original school where the “Grandma Muggle Club” first began, Chester Barrows Elementary. Teachers kept track of good deeds, good behavior and exceptional acts of kindness performed by students and a girl and boy were chosen at the end of the year to receive the “Muggle Magic Award”.

She was recognized by a Veterans’ group with the “Rainbow Award” for her service to Veterans and was also recognized by the US Secretary of Defense for her spearheading of teaching children to appreciate our veterans.”

Elaine is using her new tote to tote her Tai Chi clothing to and from class!

What a very mindful way to use her bag.

Peace through safe cookery,


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