1st Place 2015 Contest Winner

ApronCloseCongratulations to Mary Dustin and her 1st place winning story about a very memorable kitchen disaster!

Enjoy Mary Dustin’s 1st place winning kitchen disaster story!

For her submission, she won a gorgeously embroidered handy dandy Spoon Mage™ Chef Apron!

Mary’s Story:

Had to chuckle at the exploding grapes of wrath as it reminded me of the time I cooked my dirty dishes.

I was in college with a small child and husband and we were expecting company. As always I was in a dither as to what to clean first and decided to make my job easy and just put all the dirty dishes in the oven.

I know you can see what will happen… I started to make dinner and this horrible smell filled the apartment.

Yep, it was all the dirty dishes with all the food thoroughly baked on.

Yikes! What a mess I had to scrub. The only good part of it was that we ordered pizza for dinner.

Peace through safe cookery,


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