Cocktail Sauce with Cauliflower Florets


4 cups (one head) of cauliflower, rinsed, broken into florets, and patted dry
1 recipe sauce

Sauce Ingredients:

1 cup ketchup (natural style)
2 T ground horseradish
1 t lemon juice, fresh squeezed
1 t Worcestershire Sauce
1 t white wine vinegar
1 t onion powder
Optional: dashes of hot pepper sauce, decrease or increase the horseradish


Mix the sauce ingredients and adjust to your taste.

Rinse the cauliflower and break apart the florets, leave enough stem on the ends to make a handle. Allow florets to dry.

Place the cocktail sauce in a pretty bowl in the center of a lovely plate and surround with rinsed cauliflower florets. Eat as many as you like.

Direction Option: briefly simmer the cauliflower florets with a bit of shrimp boil seasoning, such as Old Bay.

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