Creating a Chiffonade

Let the Spoon Mage™ show you how to create a Chiffonade!

sage chiffonade 3 WM Creating a Chiffonade

Alright everyone, let’s do the Chiffonade! No, it’s not the latest dance craze.

A chiffonade (pronounced shif-oh-nod) is an easy way to quickly slice herbs, leafy plants, and even tortillas into pretty slender ribbons.

It’s not just a decorative technique for turning herbs like sage and basil into a beautiful garnish.

It’s also a great way to prep large tough leaves like kale as it encourages them to cook up evenly and tender.

This technique also makes quick work of forming tortillas into strips for use as soup “noodles”!

The Chiffonade Three-Step:

  1. First, stack the leaves on top of each other.
  2. Next, tightly roll the leaves – this is usually done from the long side, but if the leaf is long and narrow, roll from the short side.
  3. Finally, use a well-sharpened knife and cut through the roll to create long thin strips.

Before using your chiffonade, fluff it up a bit with your fingers. The ribbons will sprinkle prettily instead of landing in clumps.sage chiffonade 2 WM

The next time a recipe calls for a basil chiffonade, smile because you know just what to do.

Want to do something extra fancy with the sage chiffonade?

Salty Fried Sage is a great topping for dishes that are enhanced with sage.

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