The Gentle Breeze Breath

Stonehaven and Dunnattar Castle WM

photo by Tony D’Agostino

When things get overwhelming, spring clean your cluttered mind with a brief pause and a gentle breeze.

Use this breath when you feel anxious, restless, or when there is just so much to do that you feel stretched thin.

You may sit, stand, or walk during the Gentle Breeze Breath, but if you plan to close your eyes, choose to sit comfortably.

However you begin, hold yourself with dignity and good posture.

The Gentle Breeze Breath

Inhale through the nose, deeply and slowly. Exhale slowly and fully through pursed lips.

As you breathe out, imagine tension being pulled up from your toes and out of your body.

Now shift your attention to your brain.

Gently guide the next few breaths upward, from the nostril to the area surrounding your brain. Feel the wind penetrate the mind, sending a cooling breeze into every nook and cranny.

Watch as the currents of air blow the clutter away. Let the bothersome thoughts that interfere with peace float off as the breath dissipates.

Stay with this breath for as long as you like, just a few breaths or a long session of sitting meditation.

If it becomes a chore, return to breathing normally. It is fine to come and go with breathing into your brain.

Let the breath flow easily. If the need to force the process occurs, return to regular breath for a few cycles.

When you are ready to come out of this breezy meditation, notice how you feel. Does your brain feel lighter and less stressed? Are you able to think with more clarity?

Daily practice, especially if you feel like there is no time, helps you get through even the most harried of days. You are breathing anyway, so all you have to do is send the air somewhere unexpected.

Mindfully Considered

I am not Buddhist and make no pretense to be, although I do lean a bit towards Buddhish. My breathing and meditation exercises are intended to calm frazzled nerves, hold you in peace, and get you back to facing the day with a smile. After utilizing this breath, mindful cookery is a breeze.



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