The Gentle Breeze Breath

Stonehaven and Dunnattar Castle WM

photo by Tony D’Agostino

When things get overwhelming, spring clean your cluttered mind with a brief pause and a gentle breeze.

Use this breath when you feel anxious, restless, or when there is just so much to do that you feel stretched thin.

You may sit, stand, or walk during the Gentle Breeze Breath, but if you plan to close your eyes, choose to sit comfortably.

However you begin, hold yourself with dignity and good posture.
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Creating Peace When You Don’t Feel Like It

8930_Falls Creek Pause WMToday I just don’t feel peaceful.  Breathing feels so difficult – and I sure do not want to focus on any of it.

My first calming breath began ok. Then, irritation bubbled up, poking sharply at my precariously centered mind until it threatened to topple over.

In times like this, I use a breath that I learned from one of the many great books written by Dr. Andrew Weil. He calls his exercise the 4-7-8 breath (exercise number two on this page).

This breathing exercise is not just a “let things be” breath. It’s a regain control of a distinctly non-peaceful mind breath.  It’s simple – and it works. Read More

On Finding Balance

stunning beauty 2 - CopySometimes I feel the weight of it all. Sometimes the load is light and easy.

Sometimes I breathe over and around all the bumps. Sometimes I run smack dab into newly exposed troubles and am overcome by the difficulty.

Life is like that. So much is simply out of our control. Where can you find the calm center everyone talks about?

Your ability to be in the midst of the storm and retrieve a moment of peace is only a breath away.


Pour a little air into your lungs.
Stir well with three mindful breaths.
Mix in a dash of good posture.
Simmer with the following conscious breathing technique. Read More