On Finding Balance

stunning beauty 2 - CopySometimes I feel the weight of it all. Sometimes the load is light and easy.

Sometimes I breathe over and around all the bumps. Sometimes I run smack dab into newly exposed troubles and am overcome by the difficulty.

Life is like that. So much is simply out of our control. Where can you find the calm center everyone talks about?

Your ability to be in the midst of the storm and retrieve a moment of peace is only a breath away.


Pour a little air into your lungs.
Stir well with three mindful breaths.
Mix in a dash of good posture.
Simmer with the following conscious breathing technique.

Conscious Breathing

  • Stand or sit straight
  • Take three breaths
  • Breathe in slowly and deeply through the nose. This time, instead of focusing on the cool/warm sensations at the nose, consider how it feels as air fills your lungs from the bottom up. Do not force-fill your lungs. Breathe in deeply and slowly, feeling, but not straining your lungs. There is no need to count seconds, but you can if your mind needs an additional task.
  • Blow the breath out very slowly through your lips. Try to blow out every bit of air. Imagine that you are blowing out tension.
  • You might need do the conscious breath only once, you might need to do it three or four times. Do not deep breathe more than four times in a row without pause. Stop immediately if you become dizzy.
  • To complete the cycle, sit with dignity, and breathe normally for a few minutes. Notice if your breathing has calmed.

Use this template to create your own special recipe for breathing well. Practice conscious breathing when faced with small, but bothersome events that ordinarily make you feel anxious or upset. This practice will help when you are faced with larger anxieties. Teach the breath to bring you to a center of peace where good decisions can be made. The calm is there, you just need to find it.



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