Cooking with a Culinary Memory

94C7056_Bread WMIt takes all five senses to follow a recipe – eyes to measure, a nose to make sure the aroma is just right, hands to hold and shape, ears to listen for the boil, and your mouth to judge the taste.

A deliciously mindful meal also requires one more sense – your culinary memory. This special memory is more than just remembering what you made for dinner last Tuesday, it is the ability of our minds to span generations.

Do your eyes smile at the thought of your Mom’s deep brown molasses cookies?

Do yeasty aromas grab you by the nose as you remember Grandma rolling out the dough for her special sticky buns?

What did it feel like when Aunt Phyllis helped you press ravioli edges with a fork?

Remember the crackle and sizzle when Mom’s seasoned fritters hit the oil?

Did you pick aromatic herbs with with Uncle Don?

Adding a little memory wizardry to your recipes creates a beautifully delicious atmosphere of love and memory in your kitchen. Take a moment to pause, breathe, and think about the experience of cooking – and eating! Bring it to life in your mind.

Then read a recipe and imagine the possibilities. As always, if you need a little help, the Spoon Mage™ is here for you.

What will you cook today that requires all six of your culinary senses. I am thinking about the incredible aroma of the delicious lasagnes like Mama D made.

Peaceful Memories,

Janice D


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