Meatball Sandwich

meatball sandwichIngredients:

2 recipes meatballs or use this meatball recipe
2 cups marinara
1 cup Parmesan cheese
8 sub buns, white or wheat
1/4 cup olive oil
3 t garlic, minced
16 slices provolone

Optional: more Parmesan or mozzarella


Make the meatballs per the instructions.

Meanwhile, place the olive oil and garlic in a small pan and heat over medium. Let the garlic simmer for two minutes. Remove from the burner and let the garlic sit, infusing the oil with flavor.

Remove the meatballs from the baking pan to a platter. Drain the fat.

Return the delicious meatballs to the pan and top with 1 1/2 cups of the marinara. Or place meatballs and sauce in a large pot and let the meatballs enjoy a bath in marinara. Remove the meatballs when it is time to assemble the sandwiches!

If you are using the pan, sprinkle the little balls of meat with Parmesan and return to the oven. After 10 minutes, removing the cheese covered meatballs from the oven and instruct them to sit patiently nearby while you prep the buns. If you simmered the meatballs in a pot, just use parmesan as the first layer of cheese when assembling.

Raise the oven temperature to 425° F while you are assembling the sandwiches.

Slice the buns, arrange on a baking sheet, and brush a little of the garlicky olive oil on each. See, I did not forget about using the garlic oil!

Slice the meatballs in half and arrange them on top of the buns.

Top with pieces of the provolone, covering as much of the bun as you can. The bun will cook too fast if it is exposed. What a great excuse to use more cheese!

Drizzle a bit of extra marinara on each sandwich.

If you wish, sprinkle on more Parmesan or even add small slices of fresh mozzarella. The mozzarella will not brown as quickly as the provolone and the bun, so keep that in mind.

Place the baking sheet in the middle of the oven. Watch carefully. When the cheese is browned, the sandwiches are ready to eat and this takes only a few minutes.

Perfect when served with these great Italian style green beans!

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