Mindfulness Musings

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Alternate and Wait



EatVeggiesWM copy



Choosing Mindfully


94C7056_Bread WM


Cooking with a Culinary Memory






Creating Peace When You Don’t Feel Like It




flowering cactus




Emotional and Physical Health in a Stress-filled World




Stonehaven and Dunnattar Castle WM



The Gentle Breeze Breath


Yarn Bowl



Knitting Mindfully


Kidsilk Haze Green


Knitting and Purling a Few Friends








Mindful Cooking Saves Lives






Mindfully Fibrous



Mist 400



Mindful Waiting



Yellow Crowned Night Heron Colleyville Nature Center Laurie



No Expectations No Regrets

flowering cactus




Noticing Without Judgment




stunning beauty 2 - Copy





On Finding Balance



Pearl Onions and Peas



The Season for Eating


Bird On a Wire WM 500





Slowing Down with Three Breaths







The Solitary Muse






The Three Meals of Christmas