No Expectations No Regrets

Yellow Crowned Night Heron Colleyville Nature Center LaurieThings got a little tough for a while. As the Spoon Mage™ of mindfulness, the first thing I did was sit and breathe away all the unfortunate “stuffs” that were causing me such pain.

Well, that is not exactly what happened.

Instead, like most folks, I did the monkey brained bouncing around never quite landing in the present moment acrobatics. I clung to visions of an “I wish” past and fervently hoped for or feared a myriad of futures.

I forgot to simply be and breathe.

So, I am reminding me – and you too – stop trying to control things that are uncontrollable. The past simply was. The future will play out in a better way when you make time now for a deliberate pause to breathe.

Sit with me a minute and notice the feeling of the air as it passes through your nostril. Be still in that moment. No expectations of a long meditation, just a short time spent calmly noticing the now. The length of time it takes for three breaths should be just right.

Then pause and think about cooking healing, healthy, delicious food filled with more than the usual amount of veggies.  What are some of the peaceful foods that make you smile?

Tonight I will make spinach and onions tossed with beautiful fettuccine. I’ll post the recipe later. In the meantime, envision the creamy Romano and spinach filled sauce. Watch it coat the pasta. Imagine yourself twirling each delicious bite on your fork.

Deal with the “stuffs” when it is their time, and only then. For now, pause, breathe, and cook some good food.



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