Pan Browned Gnocchi



1 lb gnocchi
2 T olive oil

The Spoon Mage™ Note:

Gnocchi are little dumplings made out of potatoes and semolina. They can be boiled or pan fried and make a delicious change of pace from the usual pasta.


Heat a skillet over medium heat.

Add the oil.

When the oil shimmers, add the gnocchi, stir with two spoons as if your were wokking.

The gnocchi will puff up a little and turn a beautiful brown.

Let the little potato pastas sit on the skillet for 30 seconds between stirs. It is contact with the pan that lets them brown.


If you see a little gnocchi that is not brown, it may just be that it happened to fall on the same side with each turn. Flip it over and make sure the non-browned side gets its turn on the hot pan.

As long as your pan is hot when you begin, it will not take long to finish the browning.

Serve with warm pasta sauce. They make a lovely side dish for just about anything.

Now, wasn’t that easy?! It’s delicious too!

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