Introduction to Mindful Weight Loss with the Spoon Mage

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The Spoon Mage and Daughter of Spoon Mage

And so somewhere along the line, I found that I have put on weight that was previously lost in a most mindful way. It happens.

Anyone want to stroll down a pathway to health with me? You may need to lose weight or you might just want to prevent weight gain. Either way – please come along.

We’ll be taking a meandering trail. No stringent dieting please. No denying yourself favorite foods. You don’t have to follow any one way of eating, but you can if it suits you. Read More

Printing Mindfully


image by David Vignoni and Wikimedia Commons

I have changed a feature of the website that I think will appeal to everyone!

Previously, when you wanted to print a recipe, the entire webpage printed. This is most annoying when all you want is a recipe and maybe a pic of the dish.

You will love the new Print and PDF button that will take care of the problem of wasting printer ink and paper on elements you do not want. Read More

The Solitary Muse


One of the wonderful people joining me on this adventure called Mindful Palate asked me to write about loneliness. I am not a psychologist or even a yogi, but I here’s what I think.

Loneliness is a feeling that one is isolated mentally from others. Directed angrily inward, feelings of loneliness hammer you with critiques about your capabilities and likability, twisting memories and pushing a fragmented view of the future with its insistence that you are not good enough. This emotion run amok drives a wedge between you and your ability to be content.

Loneliness has nothing to do with being by yourself because people are not hanging around with you. It’s all about how you hang around with yourself.

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Mindfully Fibrous

BerriesBowl“You need more fiber.” Many of us have heard those words from our doctors.

The sentence is often combined with the suggestion to buy jars of just add water drinkable fiber or sugar free chewable fiber pills. Adding fiber is just that easy!

When my husband heard the “more fiber” words, I unfortunately, responded by doing a fairly mindless thing. I purchased a jar of… well let’s take a moment to read the label that I should have read before heading to the checkout counter: Read More

Cooking with a Culinary Memory

94C7056_Bread WMIt takes all five senses to follow a recipe – eyes to measure, a nose to make sure the aroma is just right, hands to hold and shape, ears to listen for the boil, and your mouth to judge the taste.

A deliciously mindful meal also requires one more sense – your culinary memory. This special memory is more than just remembering what you made for dinner last Tuesday, it is the ability of our minds to span generations. Read More

The Gentle Breeze Breath

Stonehaven and Dunnattar Castle WM

photo by Tony D’Agostino

When things get overwhelming, spring clean your cluttered mind with a brief pause and a gentle breeze.

Use this breath when you feel anxious, restless, or when there is just so much to do that you feel stretched thin.

You may sit, stand, or walk during the Gentle Breeze Breath, but if you plan to close your eyes, choose to sit comfortably.

However you begin, hold yourself with dignity and good posture.
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Creating Peace When You Don’t Feel Like It

8930_Falls Creek Pause WMToday I just don’t feel peaceful.  Breathing feels so difficult – and I sure do not want to focus on any of it.

My first calming breath began ok. Then, irritation bubbled up, poking sharply at my precariously centered mind until it threatened to topple over.

In times like this, I use a breath that I learned from one of the many great books written by Dr. Andrew Weil. He calls his exercise the 4-7-8 breath (exercise number two on this page).

This breathing exercise is not just a “let things be” breath. It’s a regain control of a distinctly non-peaceful mind breath.  It’s simple – and it works. Read More

Mindful Cooking Saves Lives


my Great Niece Annabelle

My favorite and rather frightening story about mindless cookery involves me and a cup of tea. I filled the tea kettle with water, placed the old fashioned kettle on the stove, and turned the burner to high. Then I added a couple pinches of Monkey Picked Oolong to the strainer in my favorite mug and left the room for just a minute to check email. Ok, I guess it was more than just a minute later when I wondered “what on earth is that smell? And why do things sound so funky?”

The smell was my smoking tea kettle melting most dramatically onto the burner of my stove. The funky sound came courtesy of my noise cancelling hearing aids – which cancel out annoying things like the screeching of smoke detectors. An extended bit of mindlessness while I attended to mostly junk mail nearly led to disaster. Yes, mindful cooking does save lives. Read More

Choosing Mindfully

EatVeggiesWM copyI am more patient with myself and others, letting go of harsh expectations. – Glenn Reiner, yoga teacher

Be patient with yourself while strolling along on your mindfulness journey. Understand that it is ok that the path is not straight and narrow.

It will bend, twist, double back, and contain a few roots to trip over. Along the way you will discover many side branches, all awaiting exploration. Read More